Pineapple Express

My Rating: 4 stars. (out of 5!)
“Stoner Dale Denton’s (Seth Rogen) enjoyment of a rare strain of marijuana may prove fatal when he drops his roach in a panic after witnessing a murder. Upon learning that the fancy weed can be traced back to them, Dale and his dealer (James Franco) go on the lam, with a dangerous drug lord (Gary Cole) and crooked cop (Rosie Perez) hot on their heels.”

I saw Seth Rogan on the Daily Show. I’ve always felt that he definitely seems like an awesome ass guy that you’d want to eat a slice of pizza with. No ifs, ands or buts there. When watching his interview though I got the feeling that he is awkwardly proud of the fact that he dropped out of high school and does nothing but smoke pot ALL day and has subsequently made millions off this lifestyle. Am I the only one who isn’t 100% impressed by that? I don’t know. I guess I’m just not for ridiculous potheads who are ridiculously proud of being potheads. Yes, I suppose you could call him functional and yes I suppose you could say that he’s given something to the world (his movies) through smoking but I feel like its people like that who act like jackasses about it that make other pot smokers look bad (Haha). Maybe he’s just “paving the dirt road” to social freedom for other more secretive smokers and I have no clue…anyways, I digress.

I do like that they have reinvented the “Stoner Move” genre. He has found a way to make a movie based off of getting high but actually injected a plot. And not just a plot based on pot, ala “half baked” (GOD I HATED THAT MOVIE). The movie revolved around Pineapple Express – a real species of pot made possible by the Pineapple Express meteorological phenomenon that causes LOTS of rain in Hawaii. This makes the pot so sweet and potent that Saul (played by Franco) considers every joint smoked like “killing a unicorn.” Each part was very well cast – I total dug Papa Brady being Ted Jones: Drug Lord and Aficionado – and hilarious. I was kinda sad to find that Seth Rogan just plays a more functional version of his Knocked Up character (yay for actors who only have one character). Something about him being 25 and dating a girl in high school just makes me uncomfortable but this didn’t stop me from cracking up when Dale visits his girlfriend at lunch (“It’s time to suck today’s dick!”) and when he calls her on the run and she says wants to marry him to which he responds “oooohhh nooooo. I made a mistake.” I also strongly feel that you don’t have to be high to enjoy the movie – it has a buddy buddy action film feel that pads the MJ clouded antics. Very impressive.

I was VERY happy they didn’t follow the Superbad route of frequent cussing and constant talk about girl’s crotches. Vulgarity loses it for me. I feel like in some of these comedies they stress vulgarity over jokes. Yes, I know that the word “fuck” is so bad and its just so funny when someone says it but the statement “fuckity fuck” as a punchline is a little stupid (thank you Step Brothers). I like movies where they cant fall back on dirty words and cussing to make a joke – those are the ones that get me. I know, I know, 80 year old lady in a 24 year old body. Call me a Biddie but I think I have a valid point.

All in all I felt the movie was fluid and, while not really being relatively believable, did the job of entertaining. Wouldn’t we all just love to get caught in a whirlwind of murder, violence and corruption while stopping to smoke a j every 15 minutes?! I give it several thumbs up and will insist on buying it as soon as its on DVD. SOLD.

Favorite Character: Saul (duh)
High Point Of Movie:  Car Chase through the City like a wishbone – “Oh! I can see through my leg hole!”
Choice Quotes:

Saul: I just got a shipment of Pineapple Express, the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked. Smellll it. It’s like… God’s vagina.
Dale Denton: How could he find us?
Saul: Umm, heat-seeking missiles, bloodhounds, foxes, barracudas.
Dale Denton: It’s just… I’m kinda flabbergasted when you say things like that. It’s weird.
Saul: Thank you.
Dale Denton: Not a compliment.
Saul: F**k the po-lice!
Saul: [standing with Denton on the side of a road with his thumb sticking out of his fly] Hey, look. It’s like my thumb is a cock.
Dale Denton: That’s not gonna get us a ride, man
Red: (Slow Motion With Guns) Thuuuuuuug-life.

(More quotes to be updated soon!!)


~ by Mathy Shoots People on August 8, 2008.

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