Robert Downey Jr. is the comeback king of the year, me thinks. Seriously, he is sexy as fuck. I’d be content with him just laying on top of me.


See pictures and see best quote ever. The thing that struck me about him in Iron Man (as I suppose always does in any of his movies) is that he is so normal! I have this weird want to sit around a campfire with him and listen to all his stories…I bet he has great stories. The second quote is unbelieveably awesome.

On his current identity: “I’m between two phases right now, pre-Iron Man and post-Iron Man, and the transition can be tricky. It used to be, I’d drive onto a studio lot, and the guard was like, ‘Less Than Zero dude, I loved Chaplin!’ Now it’s, ‘Iron Man!’”

On moving forward in his life: “I’m such a work in progress at the moment, it’s crazy, and life wants me on edge, I swear to you. But as long as I don’t forget the past, I’m cool. One must always be mindful, just like you might forget that old girlfriend who tried to slit your throat, but she’s really still hot. If you remember the stitches more than you remember the pussy, you’re going to be just fine.”


~ by Mathy Shoots People on August 8, 2008.

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