I <3 ‘I Love Money’

For serious.

What a trainwreck of a show.
I wont be one of those people who sits here and denies my trashy trashy heart. I won’t try to avoid the show, I won’t lie about watching it. I watch it…and I LOVE it.

I have always had a love for I love New York (god shes crazy but I adore her) and Rock of Love. The people in and out of those houses were twisted in ways most of us don’t even ever begin to THINK we could be twisted. Anger issues, daddy issues, weight issues, personality disorders, liars, sociopaths…all there, all there in one room competing to love one person more crazy than the group of them! It’s amazing! (I choose not to address Flavor of Love seeing as the concept of anyone making out with Flavor Flav makes me want to vomit repeatedly.)
So then I find out my dreams have come true and VH1 has combined select people from each cast to be on a new show about the thing these actors all REALLY love: MONEY.
The lucky group of guys and girls gets flown to Mexico. There they will compete daily in physical and mental challenges and the winner(s) walks away with $250,000. Boo-yah.

The Cast?

I love how this thing revolves around Meghan. What a bitch. If I was born that gorgeous with that body, I supposed I’d only wear bikinis too. Seriously. Sickest body ever. In a good way.

From I Love New York:
Heat Kicked off Episode 3
12 Pack Kicked off Episode 8
Chance Community Chest Kicked off Episode 6 (YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! BYE!!!!)
The Entertainer
Midget MacKicked off Episode 1
Mr. Boston Kicked off Episode 4

From Flavor of Love:
Nibblz Kicked off Episode 2

From Rock of Love:
Heather Kicked off Episode 9
Rodeo Kicked off Episode 7
Destiney Kicked off Episode 5
Brandi C.

People I wouldn’t hate to win:
Meghan (shes a souless cunt – still love her, doesn’t really need the money I’m sure – she probably has 15 old guys throwing it at her daily anyway)

The Entertainer (if he can quit being weird long enough to make it to the top – something about Frank I secretly love)

I’m so excited!


~ by Mathy Shoots People on August 11, 2008.

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