I wish I was born a Pin Up Girl…

The older I get the more I just completely LOVE Pin Up girl fashion/makeup/jewelry/bags/shoes/etc…

Some Inspirations:

Betty Grable                                             Bettie Page

Marylin Monroe                                       Rita Hayworth


Get the Face:

Black Hair or Bleach Blonde Hair – Normally with BLUNT bangs that are slightly curled.
Lots of Ponytails, lose curls and shiny sleek strands
Monroe Piercings – any sort of beauty mark is a plus!
RED lipstick
Cat Eye MakeUp – Heavy Mascara and Eyeliner
Pale Skin


Creating your Pin Up Girl Wardrobe:

Clothes that tease and show off your figure.

High-waisted skirts that slim your figure and fit tight.  STRIPES!
Heart Shaped Necklines
Bold Colors/designs
BUTTONS! Vintage feel patterns.

Cardigans are a MUST!!
Stelladresses are a Staple of pin up girls. Comes in ALL sorts of colors and patterns. (I like this one’s faux tux feel)
Sailor Inspired ANYTHING.
Cherries Cherries and MORE Cherries!

Satin Dresses. Gathered at Waist.
Denim is hot. TIGHT Denim. Capri’s with Heels.
Leopard Print is essential.
Polka Dots! Everywhere!

Other Essentials:
Hounds tooth
Other Animal Prints
Diner Waitress Dresses
Card Suits
Bold Stripes

Pin Ups were BORN to be in Bathing Suits:


Deck it out.


Headbands, Bracelets, Suits, ANYTHING Tattoo-like, Oversized Flowers in hair, Hats, Feathers, Locks, Bows, Casino-Themed Pieces, Hair Nets, Keys…the list goes on and on.


For your tootsies:


Pretty much the same rules, think the same basic colors and styles (hounds tooth, polka dots, etc…). Popular retro shoes include: peep toes, kitten heels, flats, pumps, mary janes, slingbacks and saddle shoes.



PinupgirlClothing.com is an amazing website with lots of good items (as long as you dont might slightly high prices – I’m a total cheapskate. I make no apologies.) Almost every picture used is from this site. Definitely the place to go if you want to stock up on good items.
Note: A lot of these models look busted. I’m serious. They used to have really pretty pin up models but yikes. Times have been hard, I guess.

babygirlboutique.com is also another one. I’m not much in love with all of the stuff but they have a great variety of items!

unique-vintage.com has some very nice vintage dresses. They arent all Pin Up related, but are very nice and looks like great quality. Also a bit pricey.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on August 12, 2008.

One Response to “I wish I was born a Pin Up Girl…”

  1. I’m with you about loving the world of pin up girl. I am turning 30 tomorrow and look forward to devoting more time to my pin up fascination! I am also love anything sailor-inspired. 🙂

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