Life – My heart and Soul.

Every once and a while a show will come outta nowhere and knock me on my ass with its awesomeness.
This very rarely happens with scripted/prime time drama TV shows (I feel like there is a giant shortage of good writers and good content today).
Last season the savior appeared!

First off, let me explain my love of redheads…I FUCKING LOVE REDHEADS…now, let me explain my love of Damian Lewis…I FUCKING LOVE DAMIAN LEWIS. Carry on.

The show revolves around Detective Charlie Crews – a former police officer who was sentenced to a life term after being convicted of the triple murder of his best friend/business partner and his family. With the help of his lawyer, Constance Griffiths (and an intsy bit of DNA evidence), Charlie is exonerated and subsequently released after serving 12 years of his sentence. During his time in jail he was left by his wife, all of his friends gave up on him and almost as a defense mechanism to not go absolutely insane, Charlie becomes very very zen. The only part about him that isn’t zen? His fixation on catching the people who framed him for the murders. Despite receiving a ridiculously large settlement from suing the city and the LAPD, Charlie wants back on the force. He is reinstated but watched very carefully by higher-ups.  He is partnered with Detective Dani Reese, who we later learn was in the narcotics field but became an addict and alcoholic and was suspended. The two are both on thin ice with the force but desperate to be there, this creates a strong, believable bond between the two officers.

The first season revolves mainly around the back story of the murders and slowly reveals people who are possible links in the chain of his framing. DONT READ THE NEXT PART IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THE SHOW AND DONT WANT ME TO SPOIL IT FOR YOU. Towards the end of the season we come to find out that Dani’s father (a retired cop) is implicated in the murders. Crews also finally catches the true killer, Kyle Hollis, but still is unsure why he was picked to take the fall.

The upcoming season (Sept 29th!!!!) will delve further into the conspiracy and Dani’s troubled past. It looks enthralling to say the least and I cannot wait. Although MattyB has a point – a Friday night at 9 time slot is the kiss of death. I hope that this show proves itself further this season and we don’t lose it halfway through. I mean, they definitely wrapped the show up last season in such a pretty bow that I though it wasn’t coming back. I was crushed – first Journeyman, now this?! I nearly wet my pants when I saw the newest “teaser” ad for it. I was in a bar and screaming, that’s how nuts I am for this show.

Just a few reasons why I love Life:

1. Very intelligently written – snarky remarks and all.
2. Characters are easy to relate to and empathize with.
3. Damian Lewis. Duh. If I didn’t know he was an actor, I would think he honestly was this character.
4. Compelling (and note – ORIGINAL) plot that doesn’t over-do it.
5. Magnificent supporting cast. All have their own issues (a money laundering best friend, a married lawyer hopelessly in love with Crews, a head LAPD officer who knows something and wants Crews off the force, an ex wife with a new husband and a string of skanks -Charlie loves ’em skanks)

If Life were fair?

Partners! Yeah, thats my fucking fat head.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on August 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Life – My heart and Soul.”

  1. […] for one will be looking forward to the premiere of the second season…” Here’s another fan’s remarks about Life: “….Just a few reasons why I love Life: 1. Very intelligently written – snarky […]

  2. Love ya work!!! Thanks for the great write up on Damian (drooool) and Life. I love him and the show but he’s ‘very thin on the ground’ out here in Australia. You’ve made a lot of us “Bunnies” very happy! Thanks. Sue 🙂

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