JPhoen. You sexy devil you.

LOOK at those EYES! Personally I think he’s aged beautifully and will continue to do so. For those ladies who prefer the younger Joaquin Phoenix – I wont leave you hanging.

Definitely one of my top 5 favorite actors. He’s one of the only people in Hollywood (I think) that really honestly loses himself in roles. I’ve never stopped and said “you know, this would be more believable with someone else in this.” or “Oh, did you hear he’s dating so and so?” He has managed to keep his personal life relatively secret…I mean you cant hide a brother OD’ing on a sidewalk outside a famous Hollywood club (The Viper Room). Most people know that he battles with drug/alcohol addictions (most actors who immerse themselves in roles do) but he really seems like a person who WANTS to do better, be better, work harder…etc. He’s a longtime activist – not normally noted as being one. He does lots of work with Amnesty International and several other charities. He is a vegan, which is respectable but unfortunately he’s attached to PETA (I wont hold that against him).

I love that he never chooses an easy role – everyone he plays is slightly to incredibly troubled in some way, whether they be bad at heart or a person going through tough times. He plays characters that feel real, or maybe he’s just that good at acting. He’s played a kid who kills for the woman he loves in To Die For with Nicole Kidman, Commodus (a cruel Emperor) in Gladiator, a one-time-great baseball player in Signs, a quiet odd boy in The Village, a shunned-from-his-family-of-cops night club manager in We Own the Night, and a firefighter who has time to reflect on his life before he dies in Ladder 49. Oh I left one out? You certainly don’t mean Walk the Line…where he played one of the greatest but most deeply troubled singers in American history – Johnny Cash.

He pushes himself and I guess I’m saying I respect him for that. I like actors that aren’t stagnant – who are constantly changing the characters they play. It’s very easy in Hollywood to fall into the typecast role of “Hot guy in Romantic Comedy” or “Always the villain.” He avoids that, at what seems like all costs. He also refuses to watch himself on film, which I also find very refreshing.

Strange little facts:
Joaquin and his brother River are the first brothers to ever be nominated in the same category at the Academy Awards.
The scar on his lip is actually just a birthmark – not a cleft palette like most believe.


I salute you sir.


“I’m not the indie kid, and I’m also not the John Grisham novel hero, but I am all of those things. I do whatever excites me at the time. I’ll be in some huge $80 million buddy cop movie, I don’t care, and I’ll also do some wild independent movie. I refuse to have an agenda.”


~ by Mathy Shoots People on August 27, 2008.

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