I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

Directed by:
Amy Heckerling (Clueless, Loser, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

Michelle Pfeiffer
Paul Rudd (swoon)
John Lovitz

Rosie (Pfeiffer), is an aging scriptwriter/producer for a hip teenage show “You Go Girl!” She has a daughter on the verge of puberty, Izzie (Ronan) from a previous marriage to Rob (Lovitz). While casting new actors for a geek role on her show she meets Adam (Rudd) and they quickly fall in love. The movie watches their ups and downs dealing with the difference in their ages all while Mother Nature (Tracy Ullman), who is strictly in Rosies head, continually points out all the reasons the romance will fail.

My Take:
Hilarious. I have no clue how Epic Movie 15 comes out next week into theatres and this little comedy gem somehow ended up going straight to DVD a few months back (apparently there were huge distribution problems). I could have definitely lived without Mother Nature (she was useless to the point and not very funny at all) but for the most part this movie hit it out of the park. I always forget how funny and GORGEOUS Paul Rudd is. The movie was easy to get into (10 minutes in MattyB proudly announced “I already love this movie”) and most of the characters are fun to watch. John Lovitz was a shining star in the movie – the ex husband who is still close to her, going through a mid life crisis and is constantly stopping by the house to claim items “he paid for” or “still has the receipt” to. There is a slightly over exaggerated sense to everything in this movie – Rudd is a little too over the top at points, the daughter is a little too sexually charged and witty for a 13 year old, Pfeiffer is a little annoying about the back and forth of it all – but this is all easily overlooked for moments where Pfeiffer relates to her daughter or Rudd brings it down a notch. It will make you not only laugh out loud but do so hysterically. I do not recommend it for first dates if you have an awkward laugh or snorting problem because this will do you in. 🙂

“Maybe that’s the point. Sometimes you come across an interesting movie with too many flaws to recommend, but Woman is a flawed movie with too much good stuff to completely ignore. It’s smart and warm, and if Heckerling loses her grip a few times, it’s only because she’s squeezing so hard.”


~ by Mathy Shoots People on August 28, 2008.

One Response to “I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)”

  1. I’ll Have you know that I was just as sexually charged and witty when I was 13, just because you were behind the curve doesn’t mean you can judge that poor little girl.

    I hate you

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