1st rule of Keanu Reeves Fan Club is that we dont talk about Keanu Reeves Fan Club.

No seriously. Shut up.
Are you in a private place?
Can anyone sneak up behind you?
Don’t read this aloud…in fact…go get a newspaper and hold it up beside the screen as to make people think you are reading world issues rather than what you actually are.
Throw them off the scent. This is very secret stuff here.

Everyone knows you cant openly admit to loving Keanu Reeves.
Or can you?

Ok, so to avoid all bullshit. I’m making a Pros and Cons list and in the end, I’ll know if KR is worth my secret affection…



1. Constantine. I don’t care who you are, what you do, how you perceive movies like this…go see it. Yes, its not the best film in the world but it is a very well done view on the epic battle between heaven and hell and the man caught in the middle. (My favorite of his movies).
2. He Looks good on screen.
3. <3’s Ice Hockey.
4. Deliciously ambiguous.
5. Left Handed

6. Um, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! This was a gift to the 90’s.
7. Chooses random, eclectic roles (“I love doing supporting roles, different genres, different scales of movie making”)
8. The first Matrix. only.
9. Very Fame-a-phobic. Doesn’t like personal life interfering with his work.
10. Plays bass, even had a band at one point (Dogstar).
11. Normally picks very good shitty movies.
12. Nomad Lifestyle – didnt buy a house until 2003, before that just rented rooms at hotels.
13. Committed to his work – believed in finishing the Matrix series so badly that he forwent some of his salary to help with funding.
14. Very generous to social and political causes. Very well read and aware.

1. The two additional Matrix Movies
2. Sub par acting on most accounts.
3. Annoying (breathy) voice.
4. Much Ado About Nothing – I’m sorry, I didn’t buy it.
5. So Aloof – could possibly be a giant d-bag in real life.

Well, there you see it people. I know the list isn’t incredibly long, but it gets the point across.
There are more reasons to love Keanu than hate him. He’s a far cry away from his “EXCELLENT!” days. With roles in movies like The Lake House and A Scanner Darkly, he has proved that he can apply himself to all sorts of different roles, genres and essentially, can stay fresh with what we want today as movie-goers.

Thumbs up KR. I leave you with proof that he either doesnt age or is an alien. Either way, this picture freaks me out.

“I certainly think he’s taken more than his share of unfair criticism,” Fishburne says. “One of the qualities that makes him infinitely lovable is he can take those kinds of hits and keep moving.” That’s hard stuff to take, but he takes it and he manages somehow to remain compassionate about people.”


Yeah. We’ll see…


~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 3, 2008.

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