House. Lay on me.

That face!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a crush on a TV character. My attraction comes and goes with his snarky American accent and brooding self centeredness (yeah, that’s a word cause I say it is). I’ve seen Hugh Laurie in other roles and never found him as delicious as when he’s hobbling around, popping pills and telling everyone what a lying, sensitive asshole they are. Mrs Dr. Gregory House….doesn’t sound creepy at all.

For those of you that don’t know – House is a Fox medical drama about a plays-by-his-own-rules doctor who has a sensitivity chip missing. Years before the present, House was playing golf and suffered a leg injury – which went misdiagnosed for days. Upon diagnosing himself a blood clot was discovered and started causing muscle death in his thigh. Being the shallow bastard he is, he wanted the smallest amount of surgery to save the use of his leg. While in a self induced coma, his girlfriend Stacy (acting as his lawyer) changed the surgery to a middle ground between amputation and what House requested. This left him with chronic pain in his thigh, an addiction to Vicodin and the inability to ever forgive the woman he loved, causing them to split. Now tormented, House wanders the halls of his hospital saving lives all while still managing to hurt everyones feelings that he comes across. I love this guy because he’s so obviously flawed. He’s got the right mindset, the right morality that life is of the utmost importance and to save it is a gift – but he tends to act out due to his own personal miseries and problems, which only makes him that much more human.

When I first started watching this show – I knew 15 minutes in that I was in it for the long haul – I think I’ve overall missed 1 episode of House (Thank you TiVo!). The writing has gone significantly downhill, probably because they backed themselves into a plot corner with a love triangle and few supporting characters. Originally the show had Dr. Cuddy (old flame, current boss, constant thorn in his side, loads of sexual tension), Dr. Wilson (the only real friend House has, an Oncologist who has bad luck in relationships), Dr. Cameron (empathetic, in love with House, the heart of the show), Dr. Chase (Australian, arrogant, almost looks up to House), and Dr. Foreman (hired for his street smarts and delinquent background, resents House and constantly fights the battle of turning into him). House with his diagnostic team worked very well together and truly made the show riveting from week to week.They tried to spice it up several times before with new characters (a-hole shareholder, Vogler, who tried to get House fired, a rouge cop, Tritter, out to make House pay for being an asshole, 16-20 new interns…etc) but most sucked and couldn’t compare to the the original cast dynamic.  After the show backed off Chase, Cameron and Foreman and inserted a new barrage of possible characters, as a viewer – I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t like the direction of the show but I have to be honest, now that they are back down to three (Thirteen, Kutner and Taub), I am starting to get comfortable again. The last two episodes of season 3 brought me to tears (why’d you have to die cutthroat bitch!). This leads me to have high hopes for this upcoming season.

Shows like this make me wish we had a British view of TV. Let the shows be amazing for 2 seasons and then GET THE F OUT! Leave the viewers wanting more. Nothing is worse than watching a slow character death week to week. I still believe in you House!


Interesting Fact:
House is a character based off of and paralleled to Sherlock Holmes.
– “House” is a play on “Holmes” (a homophone of “homes”)
– House’s team has assumed a Watson like side-role of helping him come to his diagnoses
– House is addicted to Vicodin while Holmes had a coke habit and smoked a pipe regularly
– Both play musical instruments (House – Piano/Guitar, Holmes – Violin)
– Holmes lived at 221B Baker Street – House lives at 221B in his apartment building.
– When House was shot and almost killed – Jack Moriarty was the gunman which alludes to Holmes’ adversary, Professor James Moriarty.



~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 3, 2008.

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