What Happens in Vegas to two shitty actors…

Cameron Diaz
Ashton Kutcher
Zach Galifianakis
Lake Bell
Rob Corddry

Directed By:
Tom Vaughan

Joy (Diaz), is a strung out stockbroker in New York City. She is dumped by her fiancee in the midst of a surprise birthday party for him and immediately runs to Vegas to wash her cares away. At the same time, Jack (Kutcher) loses his job and also flys to Vegas. Due to a double booking the two meet and Jack is able to sweet talk Joy into going out on the town with him – they becoming incredibly intoxicated and wake up married. Before leaving Vegas, Jack puts Joy’s last quarter into a slot machine and wins 3 million dollars. They decide to divorce but during the process a judge decides to make the two an example and forces them to stay married for 6 months in order to see a cent of their winnings. The two will do anything to “smoke the other out” of the marriage and hijinx ensue.

My Take:
I don’t like Cameron Diaz and I despise Ashton Kutcher. I actually have no clue what made me rent and watch this movie. Overall it was entertaining, if you can get passed the fact that neither of the main actors can act their way out of a paper bag and have little to no chemistry. Ashton Kutcher is one of the most obvious “actors” I’ve ever seen, in that you can tell at every moment he is TRYING to act. I also just hate Diaz’s face. It’s hideous and distracting. The dialogue was sub par and rather boring – although the process of them being married and trying to get the other to quit was put together well and not overly stressed. I honestly believe the majority of the hilarity was with both Jack and Joy’s best friends – “Hater” (Corddry – also in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Tipper (Bell). Their back and forth, love-hate relationship breathes a bit of life into the otherwise dull movie. Rob Corddry regularly brings an extra shot of the funnys to any film he is in. I actually got crazy excited when I saw him. He also happens to be a lawyer (lucky Jack) and represents his friend through most of the movie in trial – “There should be a law against how bad of a lawyer I am.”  There also certainly isn’t enough of Mr. Galifanakis…only a few small lines. I was sad. Of course in the end they get it together, not until after they sit down and reiterate the plot and what their own personal issues are and how they’ve been fixed by the other before they share an awkwardly forced final kiss.

All in all – One star?
I’m not let down because I was assuming it was much worse. Thanks for saving what you could of the movie overly hilarious best friends!


~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 3, 2008.

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