So I thought I couldn’t be happier when I heard about I Love Money. Then it got annoying. I realized I hated people like Hoopz, Whiteboy and Real – so f’ing annoying.

But then the clouds parted and the sun shone brighter than ever and a little bit of heaven fell from the skies…

Charm School 2: Rock of Love Girls.

I know, I know, try not to cry. I almost called my mother when I read this…then I realized she would have no clue what I’m talking about, so I decided against it. My sister will DEFINITELY appreciate this info though. She’s loves the stench of desperate whore, just like me!

Premise (for people who live under a rock):

Breakout stars from both seasons of “Rock of Love” will come together under one roof to learn and grow in areas of etiquette, fashion, manners, and moderation. They will be refined in hopes to graduate from “Charm School” as sophisticated and polite ladies. And who better to push these girls down the road to renewal and re-discovery than Sharon Osbourne. As Headmistress of “Charm School,” Sharon will attempt to educate the girls about the evilness of their rebellious and wild ways and hopefully transform them into gracious ladies who rock.

The contestants will focus on one lesson a week followed by a demanding test. Whoever doesn’t measure up to the challenges of “Charm School” will be expelled. In the end, the last one standing will be rewarded with $100,000 to put towards her new and improved life.


Sharon Osborne

Brandi M and Courtney

Destiney and Heather

Inna and Kristy Joe

Lacey and Megan

Dallas, Jessica, Raven, Rodeo, Angelique and Brandi C.

So the bitches in the bigger pictures are my power players

Brandi M – anyone who can look into the face of a “rockstar” after you vomit and STILL tell him you love him for the first time is my hero. My kinda girl.
Courtney – I know nothing about her except she got kicked off on the first episode (of Rock of love) because she got SO drunk that she slept through elimination. HAHA. She’s worth another shot for that.
Destiney – Um, because shes amazing. I heart her.
Heather – Again, amazing. If I were a stripper she’d be my idol.
Inna – She speaks broken English, dresses like she’s still a size 2, is always drunk and slightly scares me. This all adds up to my complete and total respect.
Kristy Joe – I’m fully expecting her to fall in love with Sharon and then spend the series trying to get her to leave Ozzie. When she doesn’t – KJ will burn the Charm School to the ground.
Lacey – I hate her, she’s a pitiful excuse for a human being but hey – she’ll stir up drama. I’m just hoping someone will stomp her face in before I end up throwing a remote through my TV.
Megan – Like I said for I love money – she’s a soulless cunt, but she’s hot and she apparently is a master manipulator. I like it!

Girls in the smaller ones are lame as shit.

I don’t even know who Dallas or Raven are.
Jessica – nerd who got blessed with a decent body (namely because she’s just so thin) so she decided when she turned 19 to pet to be popular. She’s unimpressive and lame.
Rodeo – has the most annoying personality, laugh, life and pretty much anything else that I have ever seen/heard. If I was forced to be alone with her, I’d fashion a shiv out of a bobby pin and stick her.
Angelique – we can expect her to be naked. then kicked off for being naked. then not understanding why she got kicked off for being naked and she’ll tell all the other girls they’re just jealous of her french puppies and storm out…only after getting naked one more time.
Brandi C – She’s a moron. I don’t like morons. She also looks like her face is melting…sad clown much?

Please god let someone get seriously injured and let someone have sex with someone else. Those are the only two things I NEED to happen here.
Oh, and if someone could hit the bottom 6 with a truck in the first episode, I wouldn’t mind. Then we could have less time to get sick of the other 8 skanks!

Starts October 12th at 9PM. Be there or be a non-lover of Brett Michael’s used up sluts.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 10, 2008.

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  1. me yeah, but i’m not really sure it’s OK with my grandma……

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