I might be sick.

It's only a fake picture. Still an accurate visual.

Its only a fake picture, still a startlingly accurate visual.

So apparently on top of being an anti-women, creationism loving extremist and an overall evil person – while in office in Wasalla, Sarah Palin slashed the budget and started making RAPE VICTIMS PAY FOR THEIR OWN FORENSIC EXAMS. That shit is 300 – 1200 dollars some scared 16 year old girl has to come up with the money for because Sarah “didn’t want to burden the taxpayers.” Palin hates women – source

Please also see how her favorite minister, the one who lead her to election is also a witch hunter, you know, cause Kenyan witches are uber powerful and are a force to be reckoned with.
Witches bad. Voluntary Ignorance Good.

You can put lipstick on a piece of shit and it will still be a disgusting, horrible piece of shit.

You are everything that is wrong with women today and I have no clue whose place you put your face in to get to where you are right now but you scare the SHIT out of me, Sarah Palin. You make me not want to have kids for fear of what this world will be like in 20 years. I’d seriously write more but right now I’m so livid that I cant even process my thoughts efficiently. I keep writing and erasing hoping to make sense but I cant.

Palin has described the Republican Party Platform as “the right agenda for America because of it’s respect for equality” and has stated that “individual freedom and independence is extremely important to me and that’s why I’m a Republican.”

uh…what? You’re right. When I think of a Republican, especially one who actively opposes the right of the LGBT community to get married and who wants creationism taught in school, even to those who aren’t Christian and who believes abortion is a mortal sin, even in cases of rape and incest ON CHILDREN – I definitely think of equality and individual freedoms.

I swear to everything, if this woman is put in office – I’m leaving the US. Maybe not forever but for a significant period of time. MARK.MY.WORDS.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 18, 2008.

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