See that sun looking thing? Thats a star. Similar to our sun, about 500 light years away from our planet.

See that little circled planet? Its a plan…oh, well I guess I fucked that up.

Regardless, this is a big deal. We’ve found planets before by detecting gravitational anomalies around stars but this is the first time we’ve ever directly seen a planet in orbit around a star just like in our Solar System. Well, they say there is a CHANCE it might just be sitting there and not orbiting, it will take 2 years to say for sure. This could change everything we know about space and how planets are formed if it does prove to be in orbit.

The planet is said to be eight times bigger than Jupiter and even though the proximity looks close, its about 11 times further from that star than Neptune is from our sun.

holy crap. its all just a matter of time, huh? Well, I’ll name it….ChuckNorrisotopia – they survive off roundhouse kicks and faded denim. That war of the worlds is not something I would like to be present for. Can you imagine an army of Chuck?!


~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 22, 2008.

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