My Ex-Boyfriend’s Worst Nightmare.

Yep. Thats a real picture. Thats a real spide…well its a robot spider, but its real.

That is La Princesse. Yeah, I’m unsure of the names as well – why the princess name? Personally, I’d call it “doomsday giver” or “scariest thing I’ve ever seen” or “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?!? IS THAT A ROBOT?! DID IT JUST MOVE?!? IT BETTER NOT BE REAL!! IS IT REAL?!? DOES ANYONE HAVE A XANAX?!?”  The last one is my favorite.

Created by the company La Machine, La Princesse showed up on the side of an office building near a railroad station on September 3rd, taunting the residents of Liverpool with the promise of death. Finally on the 5th, she was lowered to the ground that night where she then walked through the town for the next few days only to retire her to her “nest” on the side of the building again for good on the 7th. See the video – not nearly as scary as the picture mainly because it was steam powered and moved slow as shit. Could you imagine if that thing could run?!

My ex was deathly afraid of spiders – how much would it cost to rent this bitch and have it “nest” in Manassas on top of his house? Or just start walking down the street one day as he leaves the house.

God bless you spider robot and the many dreams you’ve given me. PS: Don’t become self aware and then kill us all – we’ve got the LHC for that!
Do you think La Princesse is here to battle the LHC?! To the death for who gets to end our existence as a species?? Like Mothra and Godzilla?! Wow, that’d be an ending NONE of us saw coming.

Here’s a link to the “awakening” its full and good quality. Check that shit out.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 25, 2008.

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