Who is the fairest one in the house currently?

That would be a constant question I’d ask to Basil, my M30P Magic Mirror System!

No for real, they ripped off Snow White and now have a “mirror” that actually is just a 30 inch LDC display that has a program character named Basil of the Mirror. You are not required to have any standard or pre-existing security alarms, just get one, hook it up and hook this guy to it and VOILA! He is designed to say around 100 phrases that have to do with your home/schedule – such as: “Will someone please greet our guests at the door?” “Ahh yes…it seems the Jacuzzi is now at the selected temperature.” “Pardon me, but isn’t it time to leave for practice?” “It appears that a pedestrian is exiting out of our driveway.”

I don’t know guys – isn’t this a little weird? Plus I can just hear that nails down a chalkboard fake pompous British accent now. (Sigh) Personally the thought of it being 4AM and some mirror in my living room coming to life talking about how my basement door has just been opened while I sit upstairs watching a scary movie alone…doesn’t really sound like an alarm system that is going to help do anything more than scare the shit out of me. Maybe if it also controlled magic ninjas that jumped out of it. That’d be a bit more helpful. I think for now I’ll stick to the loud piercing alarm that will scare both myself AND the intruder.

Silver lining? They’ll create a new character for you if you cant stand the thought of hearing a british servant day in and day out. Grey Cloud attached to silver lining? It’ll cost you.

Ch-Ch-Check it out


~ by Mathy Shoots People on September 29, 2008.

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