So have you ever wanted to have a robot to do and say whatever you wanted it to?
Do you have evil super villain ideas but have weakling arms and girly voice?
Have you ever considered world domination through robot tactics?

Ok so it doesn’t go that far – the robot only SAYS what you want it too. RoboVox is placed at points of protest and the nearby protesters text him their thoughts/feelings and he screams them out to everyone in the vicinity in an awkwardly loud robot voice. They say that the voice of one can get lost in a mass, in society itself – well not anymore. You can send texts relating to pretty much anything I would suppose, I doubt they screen that shit.

Two thoughts.

First one – If I was at a protest with lots of people and one of these RoboVoxes, my text message would say: “Attention protesters: Testicles – that is all” or “I’m a giant fucking robot and I’m going to kill you all” or “Sodomize Intolerance”

Second one – best wedding proposal ever – set this shit outside her house and wake her up at 6AM by saying “IM A FUCKING ROBOT HERE TO KILL YOU UNLESS YOU MARRY DAVE – LOL JK ILY PHAT Biatch.” Followed by a “No seriously, marry Dave or I will crush your house and everything inside of it. Choose wisely, human.”


~ by Mathy Shoots People on October 3, 2008.

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