Oh Rene – you hot bitch.

Officially the sexiest man on my radar right now.

Michael Raymond-James

He plays Rene Lenier in Trueblood on HBO. The show is based off the Sookie Stackhouse series of books, all about Sookie (a telepathic waitress virgin) who falls in love with a vampire named Bill in her town of Bon Temps, LA. In the series vampires have come out of the night and want to live full lives like any other humans, so there is this species clash constantly, but they don’t hide who they are and they don’t kill humans anymore (a Japanese scientist has created a new form of synthetic blood “true blood” and they drink that). At least they aren’t supposed to. I hate vampire related material, always have, always will – except this show. It’s ALWAYS entertaining and has very few drawbacks. Even those it did have (a best friend with the WORST southern accent EVER) are slowly becoming unnoticeable. Anyways, back to hot pants Michael. He only says a few lines at a time and sometimes its hard to understand his Cajun accent – I have no clue what it is about that guy but I swear every time I just end up nude in front of the TV. This can be a problem because I normally always watch Trueblood with MattyB. Yikes!

I heart you.

More pictures when I can actually find some.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on October 15, 2008.

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