Double Awesome Space Post.

So. You wanna go to space?

BOOOYAH BIATCH. Coming soon to a location near you (in lets say, 50 years) there will be not one, but TWO ways to rocket into space to see what all ’em crazy astro-nauts is seein’.


Alone? Here is HEAT (Hybrid Exo Atmospheric Transporter). Your personal ride to the COSMOS!

Suborbitals, the company, makes this tiny rocket to not only shoot you up through our atmosphere into the epic unending universe, but then it also brings you safely (????) back to Earth!

Attached is a rough copy of what the space shuttle is said to be like on the inside – very little room for movement but on the plus side – the tip is transparent so you can witness the up and down with your own eyes. The force will be a mere 3Gs (har har) and hopefully it won’t be too expensive, just very lonely.



Now are you more popular than some loser who has to go into space ALONE?!

Of course you are. Well here is YOUR ride into space:

The company Armadillo Aerospace have created a “Fishbowl Spaceship” that lets 2 (count em!) people go to space together. In the fishbowl they will have a 360-degree view of space, earth and all that is out there. They are already planning to build the bubble next year and start the flights a year later. Dont have much cash? Not for you – the cost of the ride of a lifetime is set at $100,000. Hey, at least you can go dutch.

They don’t even discuss re-entry so I’m assuming there isnt any and you are paying for certain death. Be ready to float off into the darkness.



~ by Mathy Shoots People on October 30, 2008.

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