Worrisome to the Utmost.

So you know the saying “TASTES JUST LIKE CHICKEN!!”

This does not apply here.

That little cutie is a Health and Food advice robot. Created by a company called NEC – the robot was primarily designed to deal with fine wines but can also distinguish cheese and meats.

Easy as pie – you put a piece of food in front of his sensor and he uses light (MAGIC!) to determine what the food is.  (Mind you – currently it can only accurately identify a few fine wines)

So cool, right?

Oh wait. Some genius decides to test 2 people’s hands – just placed them in front of the sensor to see what the robot thought our flesh was.

Well the H&FA Robot believed the first hand was delicious, tasty ham and that the other hand tested appeared to be robotmouthwatering bacon.


….So now instead of just a flesh eating zombie attack or a robot invasion – we have to deal with flesh eating robots. I know what you are thinking, way to overreact Kathy…but seriously. They’ve got a taste, we’ll never be able to quench their thirst for delectable fried human. Except, they won’t run around saying “BRAAAAAAAIIIIIINS” though. That’s a plus, it always gets annoying after 15 minutes with Zombies.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on October 30, 2008.

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