How Arachnophobia turns into Domestic Violence.

Piggyp: don’t come off cute with your mouth at me, I’ve heard it all before

piggyp: you got my numb nutts


piggyp: sizzle chest

Kat: what?!

piggyp: i just smacked you face with my words, and no i’m not gonna look at the pic you sent

Kat: you have no choice.Do it.

piggyp: nope that’s mean


Kat: please just read that – its hysterical.

piggyp: no tricks? i’ll never read/view anything you send me again if it’s a spider

Kat: randy, its a crudely drawn spider.

Kat: like a 5 year old drew it

Kat: it has a fucking smiley face on it for god sakes

piggyp: ok were cool

Kat: you looked at it?

piggyp: yup

Kat: and??

piggyp: funny

piggyp: it was funny stuff

Kat: did the spider leap off the page and eat you?

Kat: I dont think it did.

Kat: perhaps fear of internet spiders is a little silly?

piggyp: there’s no need for that tone

Kat: I’ll bet you wanna hug that spider.

piggyp: i bet my fist wants to hug that face of yours

piggyp: see how that got serious woman?  that’s kinda what happens when you lose any respect for a man

piggyp: shit get’s serious!

Kat: so I see

piggyp: you won’t be able to for long if i have to repeat myself


~ by Mathy Shoots People on November 17, 2008.

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