Quit looking at me, Galaxy.



Eye of Sauron….get it?! Am I the only f-bag who thinks this looks like its taken straight out of LOTR?!

Regardless, finally, for the first time EVER – researchers have taken pictures that clearly show a planets orbiting a sun-like star (I wish it was Sauron but its not – FOMALHAUT). I know I know, I had a post back a few months ago where I said the same thing but the difference is that was a galaxy that they BELIEVED the planets were orbiting but would have to wait a few years for proof. THIS is the proof they would need only for a completely different galaxy! Its about 25 Light years away and located in the constellation Piscis Australis.

In completely related we’re-better-than-you news – Some Hawaiian observatories also caught two planets orbiting a completely different start with the name of Star HR8799 (about 130 light years away). I wont put up pictures because: 1. they suck and 2. i wont condone upstaging of any sort in my blog (unless its me that does the upstaging *Next up – pictures I took from my bedroom window that clearly show a galaxy located in my backyard that has 15 planets orbiting a super star by the name of Kathytronstarulousbrightandshiny.*).  Seriously though. Two within the same time frame?? Soon we’ll be able to see them actually looking like real planets and eventually we’ll be able to discover their composition.

I’m as scared as I am excited. Holy f’ing crap. Welcome to the Future.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on November 19, 2008.

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