Worth1000: Gender Bent Contest

Worth1000 is an AMAZING site which has photo shop contests daily/monthly/weekly. They give a category and then people do their best to meet the criteria and then they pick a winner when its over. I think this is amazing so I’m going to start showing some of my fav0rite entries by the artists. This week: Gender Bender on Famous Male Celebrities. (titles are the names and include who made them for credit). The thing I love is each of the guys plays the role of girls I hated in high school.

First off – my favorites:
Kevin Spacey as the trailer park queen who isn’t afraid to love the WB Cartoons and Conan O’Brien as the rich, annoying girl who drives a corvette her daddy bought and gets EVERYTHING she wants.

Honorable Mentions after the jump!

George Clooney is the editor of the school paper who will do anything to get the next big scoop and Elijah Wood as the indie/mod chick who makes her own rules and plays acoustic sets weekly at the local coffee bar.

Jon Bon Jovi is the humping post of the Sports Teams and the vapid head cheerleader while The Rock is “The Rose” the snippy Latino with the heart of gold (who might cut you).

Nicholas cage is the ugly virgin bookworm who wishes the quarterback would ask her to prom and Orlando Bloom is the foreign exchange student who seemed to have sex with EVERYONE despite being hideous.

This is the girl that no one hung out with. Apparently it was supposed to be Will Smith.
It looks like she’s got hit in the face with a phone book and is about to shit a turkey.
I’m pretty sure every dodgeball game she’s ever played, she’s lost…with her face.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on December 5, 2008.

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