Cake = The Debil.

Ok so I’ll admit it outright: I hate cake. (Get out your: What?!?’s and HOW CAN THAT BE?!”s here) I have since I was little, something about the texture and the sweet disgusting taste can make me vomit in about 15 seconds flat. It isn’t one of those “just never tried it again” things either – my fat ass seems to always get put in a situation every few years with a cake where I also happen to be STARVING with nothing else to eat. I always say, “oh, just a little piece, it shouldn’t make me sick.” After I finish choking it down its always about a minute, sometimes 2 and then I’m quick sprinting to the shitter to expel the happy.


Anydisgustingdessert, I saw a picture of this cake and knew no one could finish the rest of their day without seeing this….MEAT CAKE. Yes. That. Just. Happened. How can that be you ask? Well, the part that looks like cake – just giant hamburgers! You make 3 in separate pie dishes, shave them down to the right size, glue them together with ketchup and then icing the whole thing with mashed potatoes and BAM you got something NO ONE WOULD EVER WANT TO EAT…except maaaaaaaaaybe my ex boyfriend.

I know what I’m bringing to Christmas Dinner…


~ by Mathy Shoots People on December 15, 2008.

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