Giant Poo causes Poo-tastrophy

So American Artist Paul McCarthy decided that making HUGE giant inflatable pieces of dog shit was art.

This was his first First Mistake.

He entitled the piece “Complex Shit” and then displayed it at some Swiss Museum (Paul Klee Centre), outside.

This was his Second Mistake.

The art apparently was rigged so that when a storm would come the poo would deflate as to not blow away – well it didn’t.

This was his Third Mistake.

The art took flight – took down a telephone pole, broke a greenhouse window and finally came to rest 200 yards from where it was picked up – on the grounds of a Children’s Home.


Oh life, why are you so hysterical? Can you imagine waking up as a 7 year old and looking out the window and seeing gigantic pieces of dog poop outside your window? I also like how the British get a Paul McCartNey and he gives them the worlds greatest band. We get a Paul McCartHey and he gives us shit. Literally…shit.

All I can say is this could have been foreseen judging by his past ridiculously stupid introspective pieces such as “Ass Hole”, “Daddy Fucked You”, “Blow Blow” and my personal favorite: “Santa with a butt plug.”


~ by Mathy Shoots People on December 17, 2008.

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