Several Awesome Things I want at my house.

Magnetic Curtains – Not yet in production but soon. There is a slight structure and magnets incorporated into the fabric of these curtains causing them to stay any way you push/pull them. by Florian Krautli.
Yeah, I know – why didn’t I think of that?

How about this awesome standing shower (complete with fold down benches) and color changing ceiling?
By Professor Gunther Horntrich

Stone Bookcase – sure to impress and sure to fall through the floor of any regular home.
I just think the books would look really neat in the different sized sections, some laying down, some leaning…I think that could be an amazing room divider as well. The chair blows (sorry Kanye – apparently he owns one). By Marc Newson.

Light Movement Room Divider. Designed by Sang Hoon Kim – folds in the middle or can be straight across. The flowing bumps in the structure play with the light and give a different feel to the room.

My DNA Bookcase – by Joel Escalona.
Probably my favorite – I just think its a simple ass piece that cant be too terribly expensive but it is something that EVERYONE who comes into your house will comment on. The twisting allows it to still sit against a wall if you want but to give a full range of ways to approach the bookcase.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on December 17, 2008.

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