Wow. These parents raised a WINNER.


Yay! Everyone look! This is News!!! Oh and you know its amazing.

This 15-year old dumb bitch actually sent 14,528 text messages in a month. No, seriously. The average for a teenager is 1,742 a month. Her retard father, rather than smacking his daughter upside her face for being that attached to a cellphone, thinks the whole thing is hilarious. Mind you, he wouldn’t have thought that after he received the 440 page bill if he didn’t have her on a $30/mo unlimited texting plan. Otherwise the idiot would have owed $2,905.60 to AT&T. After doing the math – Mrs. No-Life-Besides-Texting averaged about 484 texts A DAY. You know, that’s like a message ever 2 minutes. Including when your eating, sleeping, shitting and isn’t this little cunt supposed to be IN SCHOOL?! She says she was on winter break for a week of the month but I highly doubt that she could have accumulated the majority of those texts in a week. She also thinks she’s awesome because she texts her best friend while sitting right next to her. Fucking 15 year olds. JESUS. Yeah, I do that too when there is someone there who is creeping me out and the text only says 9-1-1. Otherwise I’d open my mouth and SPEAK to my friend. I can only imagine the reporter (who felt they should be covering ACTUAL NEWS) wanted to kill herself the entire fucking interview.

Whatever world, laugh and encourage. I’m sure what she’s losing in grades, sleep, interpersonal skills and overall coolness shouldn’t matter in the long run. Right?

Damn, I was pretty mean to a 15 year old. Trust me though, that girl and her family are what is wrong with our country. Just another vapid POS to add to millions.



~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 12, 2009.

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