First Class Business Man.


See this dude? Be happy you aren’t him. Alright, alright – we all know you already were before I said it – just be happier then.

Macelino De Jesus Martinez of Greenfield, CA sold his 14-year-old daughter to an 18-year-old guy. Pretty sweet eh? The deal of all deals was for 16K, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat (???). Then the barter system failed in the way it always does and the 18-year-old refused to pay after the girl was handed over (police said she went willingly). Well not to be made an ass of Macelino went straight to the police. How could he be taken advantage of in such a way? Here he was kindly selling his daughter for beer, food and enough money to buy 16,000 McChickens and then the buyer refuses to PAY?! The audacity.

Well, as any person with any half of something even SOMEWHAT resembling a brain would predict, the police arrested him on the spot and charged him with human trafficking. The also arrested the 18-year-old dude and are holding him on suspicion of statutory rape.

And off the 14-year-old ran, into the sunset, to join the circus (I assume).


~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 14, 2009.

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