I dig this bacon.

Kevin Bacon needs work!


Kevin (who I was going to write a post on later this week) and his lovely ladyfriend Kyra Sedgwick were swindled by the lame Bernie Madoff. They say they lost everything, well, not their houses or checking accounts but everything else. It’s unbelievable. Kevin told InStyle – “We’ll march on. We have to. There’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t change what happened. Things could be worse. You remember that, and you go on with your life. I didn’t see it coming. I don’t have anything lined up right now, but I need to work, for obvious reasons.

I really hope things work out for them. I was just thinking about writing a post on my favorite celebrity couples – after Michelle and Heath split and Ryan and Rachel finished (although they’re back together!!) Kevin and Kyra are my favorite. They’re genuinely happy. I dig the shit out of it.

I’ll hire him to come hang out with me. Then I can only have 1 degree of knowing Kevin Bacon. Right now it sits at:

1. I grew up with Erin Cahill (she was my sisters best friend)

2. She’s about to be in a movie called Demoted with Sean Astin (RUDY!!)

3. Sean was in Lord of the Rings with Elijah Wood.

4. Elijah Wood was in Bobby with Shia LeBeouf

5. Shia was in New York, I love you with KEVIN BACON!!!



~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 15, 2009.

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