Dont google your own crimes.

So in “he’s a genius” news –

On January 11th 2005 Gurdeep Kaur was struck by a car and killed while crossing the street to her house. The driver sped off and police found no skid marks. The police were able to know that the car was a Jaguar and was either a XJ6 or XJ8 built between 1995 and 2003 based on debris at the scene.

Their public plea for leads lead them to the home of Lee Harbert, an investment banker with a history of 3 DUIs. He had a Jag that had been recently cleaned but the police found body damage and one of the dead woman’s earrings in the windshield well. Needless to say they knew Harbert committed the crime – they didn’t however know if he violated the law by not stopping to help the person he struck with his car. Harbert claimed he thought he hit a deer.

“And I looked…down the road, I looked immediately northbound, because I knew whatever had struck the car was large. I had no idea at the time what it was. God forbid that it was a person. Whether it was a large animal or… not… I didn’t know.”

What could have ended up as a his story/their story didn’t thanks to an Internet search database. While searching Harbert’s house they checked out his computer and found evidence of Google searches a few days after the accident for terms such as “auto glass reporting requirements to law enforcement,” “auto glass, Las Vegas,” “auto parts, auto theft, and the Moraga Police Department.” He allegedly also searched for “hit-and-run,” which led him to a Web page dealing with the death of Kaur that said police had a lead on the vehicle.

Harbert was sentenced to 3 years in prison for his offense.

Yes, three years is totally worth the life of an innocent woman. I hope he fucking rots.



~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 20, 2009.

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