Taco flavored kisses for his mother.


So this little dipshit (aka worthless 19-yr-old who wont get a job or go to school) was playing his xbox (no doubt it was dead space) and his mom called him down for dinner. Being a mother, she walked upstairs and unplugged the system (that she probably bought for his ungrateful ass). Zachary then pushed her, called her a bad name then followed her downstairs to only slap his mother in the arm and throw a taco in her face.

A taco?? REALLY?! When there are all other items that are not quite as delicious to throw?! What were you thinking douchebag?!

The mom called the police and is letting the dummy wait it out a few days in jail – yeah, no tacos OR XBOX for that fuck. She says he has tried to to call several times but she hasn’t answered. GO her! I’d have his shit in a bag on the front lawn when he gets out. Assaulting me with food is one of my “tap outs.”

Seriously though – don’t hit your mom in the face with ANYTHING you giant tool. You’re lucky she brought you into this earth and somehow, with that lame mug shot, I bet the bitch could take you back out of it…



~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 20, 2009.

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