Tastes like fetus!


I’ll start this out by saying that our freedom of speech and our ability to voice our opinions on any given subject is a beautiful, sacred right. That being said – people like this make me want to allow the government to tell people to shut the fuck up. They turn this:

“Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (NYSE: KKD) is honoring American’s sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, Jan. 20. By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an oath to tasty goodies — just another reminder of how oh-so-sweet ‘free’ can be.”

Into this:

“The unfortunate reality of a post-Roe v. Wade America is that ‘choice’ is synonymous with abortion access, and celebration of ‘freedom of choice’ is a tacit endorsement of abortion rights on demand…President-elect Barack Obama promises to be the most virulently pro-abortion president in history. Millions more children will be endangered by his radical abortion agenda…Celebrating his inauguration with ‘Freedom of Choice’ doughnuts – only two days before the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to decriminalize abortion – is not only extremely tacky, it’s disrespectful and insensitive and makes a mockery of a national tragedy…A misconstrued concept of ‘choice’ has killed over 50 million preborn children since Jan. 22, 1973. Does Krispy Kreme really want their free doughnuts to celebrate this ‘freedom.'”

Crazies will be crazies but luckily Krispy Kreme didn’t bite to this obvious bait. It’s words, it meant nothing more than the right we all had as Americans to have a choice in who our president was – there was no thought of dead babies, I swear. I dont like how these zealots twist words and turn something wonderful (although me thinks this has to do with the fact that they probably aren’t too happy about Obama being elected in the first place) into something absolutely stupid.

Shut up, go back to church and let me eat my fetus covered donuts in peace.
Too far?



~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 21, 2009.

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