And what should happen to women who get illegal abortions?

Man, I love anyone who can shut those crazy fanatics up for more than 10 seconds.

Most of these people unfortunately are blind followers of some book written long ago (a book that, mind you, doesnt outright say its especially wrong to kill unborn children – in fact there are several parts where god does kill a fetus or talks about it). They have no clue what they want, they just know what they dont want, which is abortion and normally thats because every Sunday at church their pastor tells them to think that way. I respect people who can be honest and upfront about their beliefs and why they feel that way but people like this make me sick – you’re fighting a point for fightings sake. You arent god, you never will be – let him take care of it.


If a woman is forced to give birth to a baby because abortion is illegal and then in turn that baby grows up to be a homosexual – will you still fight so hard for his/her rights? Will you even care?


EXCELLENT reporting. I’d love to high five this guy.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 22, 2009.

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