Defiance (2009)

agle Eye 1-sht
Cast: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell, and George MacKay
Director: Edward Zwick


In August 1941 as Nazi forces were sweeping through Eastern Europe, targeting Jewish people. After their parents are killed in an ambush, the Bielski brothers – Tuvia (Daniel Craig), Zusi (Liev Schreiber), Asael (Jamie Bell), Aron (George MacKay) –  flee to the forest to try to survive. There they find several other Jewish escapees hiding so they offer them protection and food. Over the next year they shelter a growing number of refugees, raiding local farms for food and supplies, moving their camp whenever they are discovered by the Germans. You follow the brothers and their camp through winter, constant attacks and all the hardships the human soul could experience being hunted like animals. Because it is based on a true story I can tell you that the film ends as on-screen text states that the camp survived another two years, ultimately sheltering 1,200 Jews.We are also then told that the people saved and ultimately decendants saved (though not yet born) by the brothers leadership and bravery total today in the tens of thousands.
Definitely a must see at some point for everyone. I thought it was well filmed and, of course like most films about the Holocaust Era, it was hard to watch at points but it told a beautiful story of the strength of these men and the people who struggled with them.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 23, 2009.

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