I stopped reading after “WHY CANT YOU LET ME BE GREAT!”

Three Truths:
I regularly read Kanye’s blog – he posts lots of interesting art, design, fashion, photography type stuff.
I love the shit out of his latest album and the one before that – I really respect him as an artist.
I really dislike Kanye’s egotistical, ridiculous personality (or at least what he fronts to the public)

Hey – at least he wasn’t complaining about Gas Prices ala douche mcbaggary himself.

“And a Kanye West porn would be a total bust. That money shot would be worth about 2 cents. Kanye would make whoever was doing the scene with him wear a Kanye West mask so he could bust one. Then right when he was about to bring it home, he’d shout, I’M THE CUMMER OF THIS GENERATION!!!!!1!111“”

(I love you Michael K, you crack me the fuck up.)


~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 23, 2009.

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