Day 8.

Slowly but surely.

Friday (Jan 23rd) President Obama struck down a rule that prohibited U.S. Money from funding international family-planning clinics that consider abortion an option and/or provide counseling for women who want or have received an abortion. Defending his actions he said he doesn’t want family planning to be used as a “political wedge” and that the debate over it was “stale and fruitless”. He plans to end the politicization of the issue and start to work on improving the U.S. aid for family planning around the world.

The policy was initiated by Regan in ’84, canceled by Clinton immediately in ’93 and then reinstated immediately by Bush in 2001. It’s only fitting its the first thing he kicks to the curb, right? The group Population Action international agree with Obama’s decision and say that it will “save women’s lives around the world.” Republicans immediately criticized this choice – “Not even waiting a week, the new administration has acted to funnel U.S. tax dollars to abortion providers overseas,” Rep. Tom Price, R-Georgia, said in a written statement. “This is a stunning reversal of course from the president’s campaign statements that he hoped to reduce the number of abortions. Just a day after thousands of Americans came to Washington to celebrate the principle of life, President Obama has made it clear that reducing abortions is not one of his priorities.”

I think that this is a bold move and it says a lot. I do like the Obama doesn’t fear the criticism that comes with the job and he seems to be following through with the majority of the promises he made (Just please help the LBGT community, DON’T BACK DOWN!). I think this step is another huge sign that we want to become part of the world community again, that we want to be an aid not a hindrance of peace and equality abroad.

Nice job, Prez.

Obama reverses abortion funding policy


~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 28, 2009.

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