Dubai – what stupid people with money do.

Ok, so I know that we all cant be Paul Newman and we all cant be incredibly giving. I suppose that in some weird way the people of Dubai do deserve the ridiculous money they make off oil because we will pay for it. I just think that there are a million better things to do with billions of dollars than have pissing contests over the height of your skyscrapers, making an island resort in the shape of the world (they’re about 20 Million a pop) or rotating fucking buildings. There is no solace for the people who envy the money it costs to build these things either – Dubai is a rich spot, built by the rich for the richer. I might be down to fully support these neat architectural designs but do you think you or I could ever even afford to go there in our lifetime? Doubtful.

That being said – lets look at their new underwater resort!


Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Welcome to Hydropolis.

Ever played Bioshock? Yeah. That’s the feeling I get here.

First off – love the name. Scheduled to finish in 2006 but pushed to a 2009 opening it will obviously be the worlds first luxury underwater hotel. It will consist of three elements: a land station – where guests are welcomed, the connecting tunnel – that transports people by train to the hotel, and the submarine leisure complex – at 20m below the surface which will have 220 suites. The entire site will be about the size of London’s Hyde Park.


Um, good luck people. I’d definitely be the person who makes them take me back to the surface after 2 minutes underwater. I just don’t feel it, the pressure under there is pretty intense so basically every day spent under there is a dance with death. A rich deathtrap…that being said, I fully support it if it means hoebags like Paris will flock there and away from our street corners.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 29, 2009.

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