How did this happen exactly?

Angela Suleman is the mother of the still unnamed woman who had octuplets early this week. She is 33, unmarried and lives with her parents. There has been no mention of a father for these children. Now, whatever, you’re single and want to have a baby – go for it. You want to have twins – DO IT! You want to have triplets – get a nanny but make sure that they’re taken care of. You don’t have 8 babies.

So we can we blame Kaiser Permanente? Ultimately it isn’t their job to make sure the parents are fit to have the children, just their job to take your money and sperminate you, right? Or are they required to do AT LEAST a psychiatric evaluation?? Well, had they even done an OUNCE of a background on this woman they would have found out she has 6 other kids (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7) already. She’s not married and just filed for bankruptcy over a year and a half ago. This woman, who very obviously cant even take care of HERSELF, now has has 14 kids. So what happens? How does she get a job to take care of these 14 kids with no fathers assistance? How does she dress them, give them each individual attention, buy them toys, put them through school, feed them, or even afford diapers?! How will all this happen? Obviously the dumb bitch is crazy. I find it hilarious that she can file bankruptcy and then come up with the money to get fertility treatments (which are notoriously expensive and the clinic wont say how she paid for it). I honestly cant even wrap my head around the complete irresponsibility of the entire situation.

The woman lives in neighborhood of small, one story homes having a maximum of 3 bedrooms. In this tiny house there will now be 16 people living. Should be 17 but the position this horrible woman has put her family in has forced her father (whether or not he says it was willingly) to accept a job in Iraq to help with money.

Doctors at Kaiser Peranente said she came in at 3 months and they counseled her on her “options”. Basically she could either continue as is or selectively abort which of course, the woman who has no foresight or brains in her head declined.

On The Early Show Friday, Michael Tucker, scientific director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists, says all these developments leave him “stunned. As the story’s unfolded and it’s gone from the potential use of just fertility drugs, or misuse thereof, to actual, apparently, IVF (in-vitro fertilization) with transfer of embryos, this is just remarkable to me that any practitioner in our field of reproductive medicine would undertake such a practice.”

Tucker, who has a doctorate in reproductive physiology, says it’s “absolutely” possible the octuplets’ mother got pregnant with them by taking fertility drugs on her own without the help of a clinic, “and that seemed the most plausible scenario, simply because the profession, we’re policed by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, has focused so minutely on the fact that we need to reduce the number of embryos that we transfer. We really are all about seeking the one, the one embryo that’s going to make the healthy, single-born baby.

“And this kind of multiple plethora excess of babies is too much of a good thing. And it’s rather a slap in the face of the whole profession, simply because it’s going in the wrong direction.

“And it’s unfortunate, because the media pick up on this and seem to go, I think, Arthur Kaplan from UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) said the media tend to go goo-goo gaga over this and, in fact, it’s really a bit of a medical disaster.”

“Had she walked into a fertility clinic and said, ‘Listen, I’ve got other children, the oldest seven, the youngest two,’ co-anchor Julie Chen asked Tucker, “is there any ethical responsibility on the clinic’s part to say, ‘I’m not going to treat you,’ or, ‘You know what? This is not a good idea?” ‘

“Suffice to say,” Tucker responded, “I’ve been in this business for 25 years now. And it’s pretty much standard practice in all clinics to have some form of psychological evaluation of the patient. Also, their sociological circumstances. And I’m stunned, actually, that a clinic would proceed to treat a patient in this circumstance and then even to get to perhaps the transfer of embryos and ponder the transfer in, I believe, the lady’s mid-30s, a 35-year-old — she should be receiving two embryos, maximum, as a transfer into her uterus to have had eight transferred is somewhat — is extremely irresponsible.”

Bet that bitch wants a reality show. YOU AIN’T GETTING IT. Just a sick, sad helping of truth – you’re a moron. But don’t you dare make those kids suffer for it.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on January 30, 2009.

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