Bambi: The Alternate Ending.

Ok, look at these in sequence and then I’ll explain!


Oh Google Maps! How could one of your vans hit a deer and then STILL upload the image?!

The “update” is that the deer was gone by the time Police arrived so they think it was alright. Mhm. Next they’ll upload the live image of someone dragging the dead deer into the woods. For Shame Google.

What I really find funny is the comments on the sites where these pictures get posted. My favorites normally are the “remember when you’re driving, we put these roads in THEIR territory, not the other way around.” Seriously? A dumb deer runs full speed into something bigger and faster than it and we’re the ones doing something wrong? It’s a damn deer, there are about 15 million others where that one came from. Personally, I don’t swerve my car for shit – call me a selfish bitch but my life trumps animals. I dont think I’ve ever hit anything besides a possum but still…keep yo dogs on leashes.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 2, 2009.

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