Officially the stupidest site I’ve seen in quite a while.

For the shitty mom in all of us.


“We love the jewelry our kids make, but admit it– those treasured pieces usually end up in the back of the drawer, or in a box saved as a delicate memento, never to see the light of day. All that has changed – welcome the Noodle Necklace. Your child creates the necklace, stringing the pieces as he or she chooses. Once the cord is knotted it will be strong enough to wear with pride on a daily basis, without the risk of cracking or breaking. “

So basically its for the mom who is too good to wear the lovely gift her child made for her at school. SUUURE, blame it on “cracking” or it being “delicate” but I’m pretty sure my mom wore one I made for a few weeks at least without problem. After that I pretty much forgot about it – its the way its supposed to go.  The necklaces come in a box with 3 – 10 pieces (each of which is 10-karat gold) and apparently no piece is the same. Blah Blah Blah give them all your money for gold covered pasta. I don’t know much but I definitely know I wouldn’t let some idiot make gold noodle pieces and then try to sell them to me for $1090 PER PASTA PIECE!!!!! Um, how about I just let my kid make me a friendship bracelet instead?

While you’re there – how about you pay $2160 for a hideous cameo necklace of a girl licking a lollypop?


Shame on you Jennifer Kellogg.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 3, 2009.

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