She’s just being racist…?


I hate this little 15 year old cunt. She’ll be in rehab by 18 and no one will know who she is by 22 so I’m not toooooooooo worried. I wonder if everyone forgot why her dad stopped being famous after Achey Breaky Heart (which I danced to EVERY night)??? He was a good old fashioned Sean-Connery-style wife beater. I’m sick of people saying how close her family is and blah blah blah they go to church…they’re more like the loco-lohans than you think.

I only post this because everyone sees this picture and starts bashing on her for racism. Seriously people? Is she wearing a costume or saying anything offensive? Oh, you mean she’s just pulling at the corners of her eyes? I guess the Asians own that gesture, huh? FUCK YOU.

I’m totally doing the slanty eyed face now. YOU CANT STOP ME!

I find it all absolutely ridiculous and I’m honestly baffled how the outrage isn’t actually about the fact that EVERYONE IN THIS PHOTO IS STONED. I’ve seen enough people all cheekyeyed to know it when I see it. Lets get on this 15 year old for drug use instead of racism, its a better front to tear her apart. Or how about she’s 15 and fucking a 20 year old? Thats not statutory rape, nah, not if her dad approves. (BULLSHIT) Lets also try not to be bitter about the quality of smoke they probably have. Oh how I hate you people with money and nothing to spend it on but clothes and drugs!


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 3, 2009.

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