We deserve this. Hopefully the US will implode.

I considered not writing another word about the horrible cunt that gave birth to 8 babies last week but then I heard that the Oprah Camp was giving her $2million for an interview.


I think that people act ridiculously stupid in this country because we let it happen. We offer them book deals, movie scripts and payoff money because they do something so mind boggling we have to eat it up. She couldn’t afford the 6 kids she had so she used money (probably better suited for her 6 children) to pay for fertility treatments (wait, didn’t she declare bankruptcy last year?!) where she should have only been implanted with 2 embryos at the most and yet she is now being CELEBRATED. The woman did it because she KNEW she’d be making millions once word got out. I don’t know whether to envy her for being so savvy on the retardation and immorality of America or go firebomb her house…wait, I lied, I’d definitely choose the latter.

In a smart country those children would have immediately been put into child protective services and given to people who cant have kids but can ACTUALLY FUCKING AFFORD THEM. But no, this is America – where the poor stay poor, the rich stay rich and the idiots win the game. Well, the poor don’t stay poor if they make their vagina into a clown car, then they get Hollywood coming at them.

Its the basic rubbernecking love of the US that will throw money at this woman, portray her as a wonderful person who only “wanted one more baby” but ended up with 8 more bundles of joy and then forget about her after 15 minutes. Which leaves those kids to a mother who loves BABIES (not children) and is obviously off in the head. She will without a doubt use the money given to her to get pregnant with more within the next year or two. I guarantee it.

Congrats America. May your God have mercy on our souls.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 3, 2009.

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