The Angel Family Florida World Tour

I just got off a plane.

Already I’ve cussed under my breath at 3 people. Haha. I fucking hate Florida. When I lived here for a month it was hell. Everyone is so rude – especially in crowded places!! I don’t care if you have a seeing eye dog. Get the fuck outta my way! Har Har, I kid. It was actually an old lady with a cane. Git Meemaw! Watch out Peepaw!!

So why am I back? Simple! Quality time with my parents. I happen to love them both incredible amounts and will pay top dollar for any chance I get to spend extra time with them. We’re actually staying in St Pete which my parents have raved about since their last trip here a year or so back. We have tons of awesome plans so I’ll try and update when I can. I’ll also throw in pictures when I get back (I can’t figure this iPhone wordpress app).

Oh and I’m trying to convince my dad to have his family band (him, his dad and two brothers) to embark on a FL world tour. Every senior citizen home down here – they’ll stop at nothing to play polka and mc bingo. I think it sounds fabulous. And so does their version of Johnny B Good.

Sample conversation from before we got on the plane:
Mom: you’ll like St Pete! It’s got so many great things to do.
Dad: Yeah, flea markets, beach, good food…Suzi,what was the name of that place we went?
Mom: Where?
Dad: Here. I think.
Mom: oh! On the beach – it was up high.
Dad: yeah! That’s the place – it had that food!
Mom: I think we went up stairs to get there.
Me: QUIT SPEAKING OLD PEOPLE! There are never any Proper nouns in your sentences!!
Dad: Sorry girlfriend
(2 minutes pass)
Me: Dad – did you just call me girlfriend?!
Dad: Hey, Im with it.
(2 more minutes pass)
Dad: (whispers in my ear) next time I come to an airport I’m going to bring a cane. Avoid the lines.

Now do you know why I love them?


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 4, 2009.

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