Speaking of steve martin!

So we are staying at a motel that has a bar called jimmy b’s attached to it. Right on the water. The sand is white and the sky is clear – I couldn’t be more relaxed or happier. The weather is mimicing Virginia (40s 50s – this is my luck) but hey I’d rather be cold on the beach than warm at the office.

Last night we checked out a guy named Gary A who played from 4 to 7 outside then we scooted inside for the main show. Stormbringer is a 80’s cover band and MAN, they were great. The best part is I noticed immediately the lead singer looked like Steve martin with a curly long brunette wig on. It was uncanny. Then I look to his right and the lead guitarist made eye contact with me. I swear he was Gary busey’s long lost twin brother (before the helmet-less accident). The bass player had a George michaels vibe ala Faith video (complete with single cross dangly earring). When the keyboardist/saxaphonist came up front he was the spitting image of John Travolta if he had Tommy the pinball wizard hair. Haha. This band quite possibly could have been a group of celebrity impersonators that decided to get together and make some beautiful music!! They played AMAZING songs that cover bands never do like: don’t stop believin, sweet child of mine, another brick in the wall, and a few Boston hits. It was so much fun. I was definitely the youngest person there and thankfully my parents kept the skeezers from approaching.

I want to move to St Pete. Please god let me win the lotto. I won’t ever give purple nurples to those I love again (maybe). Amen.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 5, 2009.

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