Anoooother day

Yesterday was fairly tame. Breakfast, knicknack shopping, room relaxation and then off to jimmy b’s to watch Spy vs Spy. They were a reggae (no clue – no spell check) band but they played lots of hits: unbreak my heart, lovin you, that annoying ass turn me on song and many others!!

Halfway through the night the band got into a fight on their break and took a 45. Minute pause. Muy unproffesional, no? We think it was because the girl singer had a few drinks and her singing started going waaaaay downhill so the male singer got mad at her. The drummer had to talk her out of the bathroom. Other than that it was a great night. My parents has 3 margaritas between the two of them (!!!!!!) and I got drunk. Haha. Lots of kids my age showed up and wouldn’t you know it – the beards hit on me. Apparently I have a good beard scent. They can smell my lust in my pheromones (well not lust. I’ve got a beard at home I wouldn’t trade for world).

Oh and I must tell you about cigarette girl. We came in and ordered drinks while the bar was still fairly empty. Cig and her mother came in right after us. She worked on the male bartender (so cute) until he seemed bothered and then they went and sat down. She downed her drink an argued with her mom about how she hadn’t been wasted in a long time and ran up and took a shot. 20 minutes later she is plastered. Like screaming “ILOVEYOU!!!” at the band an such. Well caveman face guy catches sight of her state and zooms in. She hangs with him for 10 minutes and then insists they dance. She proceeds to put it all up in his junk and drop to the floor, you know, let him butt fuck her through dance…5 feet from her mother. It was absolutely foul. I noted to my mom that I may get violent but I’m no whore and that she got really lucky with me. My parents taught me things like self respect and dignity. Go figure right?? Well caveman gets obviously annoyed she’s too wasted and decides to ditch her. She then puts it back on for the bartender but could see he wasn’t having any of it. Then she just tried her luck with every guy that passed. I even had a beardy come up to our table to ask me to save him from her. Well after she terrorized the bar and gents caveman face came back begrudgingly. I guess he couldn’t find any less drunk but just as easy girls. They ended up making out hardcore outside a glass door 10 feet from her mother and then they scampered off into the bushes. She was from Roanoke (according to her mom) but let me tell you – that’s not how us classy VA girls do. Not at all. We throw fists, not kisses.

On a side note: Wednesday night (when we got here) it was the coldest night in St pete history for 13 years. Haha go figure right. That’s MY luck. I’m hoping for some sunshine and beach time Saturday. We’ll see.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 6, 2009.

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