Blind Items

So I loves the Hollywood Gossip.


You certainly know both of the actors involved in this. The two actors at this point were both C list. They had already descended from their highest levels (B+ with A list name recognition) and were now staring at their own mediocrity and failed careers. On this movie though they were stars and filming outside the US and in the middle of nowhere. Well, with nothing to do at night, the two were doing non-stop drugs day and night. Well, one night they woke up the animal wrangler for the movie and paid him a significant amount of money to bring them a sheep. I don’t need to go into details, but it is fair to say they both took a turn.

I would have to guess Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Those are the only two weirdos who I could even put this up to.

I guess this actress is C list now Still B+ name recognition. Wow, she has dropped a long way very quickly. She used to be B+ and headed to A before all the drug problems. Apparently they are not getting any better. Our actress who always does film was headed into a club this past week with her husband. As she was trying to get in, someone must have bumped her or pushed her, but whatever it was, it caused the meth pipe of our actress to fall to the ground and shatter. At that point, our actress began screaming and crying at the same time before grabbing her husband by the arm and dragging him back to the car. I guess clubbing is no fun without the pipe.

I would say Britney Murphy. I heard she was drugged the f out cause her husband is a bad influence. But she does do voice overs on King of the Hill so I dont know!

Which ageing actress shocked party goers by casually pulling out a bottle of poppers from her designer handbag and offering it around to a host of young boys?

Very obvious – Sharon Stone! MEOW!


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 11, 2009.

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