He better hope this is fake.

Apparently, fresh off bail and the beating of his girlfriend, Chris Brown felt the need to update his facebook page.


So he changes his status to “Thinks you’ll begin to see her true colors. Believe it!” and changed his profile picture to him with some random girl. I hate to say it but I guess this is how any 19 year old woman beater with absolutely no future left would act. Some chump bitch who thinks he’s a man because he can beat the shit out of a woman in public and avoid jail time. A guy who thinks its ok to choke a girl out as long as she deserved it.

Immediately his camp starts spinning “oh she gave him herpes” and “oh she’s overly jealous” as if ANY of that would ever be a reason to choke her out, give her multiple BITE MARKS and basically beat her to the point of her eyes being swelled shut. I mean seriously? As women, are his fans going to buy this shit?! Aside from him having ridiculous amounts of cuts and bruises (which he doesn’t) I cant really see any defense on his part of why he would take it to that level, why he would think that it was acceptable or OK in any way. I guess I’m just a different kind of person though – judging by her myspace page, Chris’ psychotic fans seem to think Rihanna walked into his fist about 40 times.

He makes me sick and even though I know his music career is over (thanks JayZ) I still have silent hope that when he’s walking home from a party a few weeks from now that someone comes up behind him and lets him know what its like to have someone stronger, faster and bigger than him beat him to a pulp. The world would be a better place without disgusting people like him in it.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 13, 2009.

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