Creep out of the day.

So I’m minding my own business and I come across the IHC. The Institute for Human Continuity.


I think, neat, I’ll check it out. Come to find out its all about the end of the world in 2012. They’re having a lottery, sending tickets out. Apparently promising that they will save you if you join the lottery before the world ends. Or something like that…I don’t think they’ve got a secret underground lair so I find it hard to believe they’ll do much to protect me against solar flares, tidal waves and tornadoes. Sorry guys.

If you want to fill out for a lottery ticket….cheeeeck it out.

(or you could realized halfway through writing this post that the site is set up as a teaser site for 2012 – the movie.) Which I must see but will poo in my pants while doing so. CRIPES! You got me sony!


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 17, 2009.

One Response to “Creep out of the day.”

  1. i freaked out, then found out it’s a hoax!

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