You just got DRAWED!!

…I don’t know really what they’d say at the end of these kind of battles. Dancing is served, I have no clue what they say at the end of rap battles. Well, fuck, I guess I really have no clue what I’m writing about here…Where am I?


Secret Wars take the concept of battling in a different direction: featuring two competitors squaring off in a 90 minute art freestyle session. Each contestant is given a huge 20 foot mural with no prior knowledge of themes and must then put something together in an interactive environment as people look on. No sketch-books are allowed effectively ensuring that this is truly on the spot ingenuity. Winners are determined via a three point system. Two judges as well as a crowd-component measured via a decibel reader are used to determine a winner.

So I also found out that Secret Wars were created out of the concept of Fight Club – not 8 Mile (although I like to believe we have an artist b-rabbit out there SOMEWHERE). You gotta lose yourself in the drawing the moment you better not let it goo, ohhhh! Are those even the right lyrics? I’m inspired. I’d go, stand there for 89 minutes of the battle and then in the last minute bust this out:


If that didn’t secure my win, at least I know I can use it to defer paying my power bill for a week.

Secret Wars


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 18, 2009.

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