In completely unacceptable news…


This was a cartoon in the New York Post.

Not to be all fanatical but I want to know how a post that clearly depicts someone making a comment that implies Obama when they are shooting a MONKEY to death got passed a string of editors without anyone stopping and thinking.

I get it, the guy is clearly making light of Travis the ape that tore off a woman’s face last week…but why the stimulus bill joke then? All that you can get from this cartoon is that Obama is a crazed ape who rips peoples faces off because he’s so into this package. (Pause). Did this guy not know that being referred to as monkeys is KINDA a sore spot for African Americans? I mean, I know that…how did none of these cartoon editors not know that?

It’s distasteful and the artist can say whatever he wants about it was a joke about the monkey not our president, that he put the stimulus part in there to make light of the monkey’s behavior, but the truth is that we already get it. We understand what he was trying to say….it just wasn’t funny.


~ by Mathy Shoots People on February 27, 2009.

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