Well shit, my mother was right

So I’m all about Adam Lambert (you know, like the sheepish Lion?) on Season 8375 of American Idol. I think that bitch can sing his ASS off and if he doesnt win – I’m not exactly sure what the whole competition is about! He SCREAMS Glam Rock to me – I will only be complete if he sings “I believe in a thing called love” before the finale. Lets cross our fingers.


Well we’re watching him belt out Satisfaction to secure his top 12 spot and my mom says “boy I bet he’s gay” and I’m all “No mom! Just because he’s got a glam rock voice and wears tight pants does not mean that he’s gay! Old people are so ignorant! I bet he gets more girls than half the people you know!” Well today I found out that not only does he NOT get more girls than half the people my mom knows but he also likes to kiss men. Foot into mouth – I hate my mother. here I am finding out that my gaydars batteries had completely died…THANKS ADAM.


Well good for him and I have to add that that sexy bitch is a better looking woman than I’ll EVER be. It’s just not fair people who look good as both men and women. It’s just not fair at all (SOB).


~ by Mathy Shoots People on March 3, 2009.

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